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Welcome to ZeroDay, A Web Development Agency Based in India. We are focused on Rapid Developement of Mobily Friendly Scalable Websites. We focus on delivering the best possible iteration of user friendly and expierience enriched website that converts visitors into customers for your website.

Operating out of Gujarat, ZeroDay is your premier choice for online services. We provide a wide variety of digital services including web design, deployment, digital marketing and much more. Our team has a wide range of skills and expertise and we always put our clients’ satisfaction first. This is what sets us apart from the competition – an eye for detail and the best service from the start to the completion of your project. Quite simply, we offer the most reliable and effective services to any company looking for a whole host of online solutions.

Some of our best works include:

  • AskaDeveloper - A digital platform for programmers where they can solve their doubts by getting helped from the community
  • NoteIT - A reminder app to keep you synced with your schedule. Just add your To-Do list to our Tasks List and it will keep you reminded consistenly.



ZeroDay is a full-service custom web design agency which specializes in designing websites that automatically attract the target audience of any business. We have been serving businesses with user-centric designs with a combination of simplistic and alluring visuals. Our team includes user-experience specialists who can create awesome websites that not only look good but, simple to use for both you and your website visitors.

Our Services Include


Our team will assist you in developing your website from Wireframes to Deployment. We are focused on rapid developement of your dream websites

Search Engine Optimization

Our team also lists your website on Google Search Console and other popular search engines. We will optimize your size with growth specific keywords and description


We focus on developing secure websites. We secure your website from most popular and comman web attacks like Cross Site Scripting, CSRF Token and SQL Injection.

Our Team


Dev Mehta, Full Stack Web Developer

Full Stack Web Developer, Python Enthusiast and Django Developer. Blog - @djangostaan

Samarth Dwivedi, Cyber Security Analyst

Cyber Security Analyst, Pen Tester, App. Tester and Bug Hunter. Blog - @learn.linux_91



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